Faircoop Summer Camps in Jura (Switzerland) 2017. July 30 – September 22

FairCoop General Ecosystem

We are happy to present the Faircoop Summer Camps at the Décentrale on Mont-Soleil, Jura, Switzerland More info about the place in their site: Decentrale.ch July 30 – August 13 Introduction to FairCoop ecosystem. How to create a local node in your region. There are 12 places available for activists who wants to learn about FairCoop ecosystem and extend in their region. Priority for people …

12Th Bulletin

Maro Bulletins, General Ecosystem

One year comes to an end and a new one is here… 2017 is going to be great! 2016 is coming to an end. This year has been a year of many changes; while the economical, political, social and enviromental situation is undoubtedly getting worse, FairCoop has had an intense year of work developing the tools for a new economic …

11Th Bulletin

Maro Bulletins, General Ecosystem

 Call for nodes wanting to join Faircoin 2.0 launch The time for the Faircoin 2.0 launch is coming. The code is ready in github: https://github.com/faircoin/faircoin2 The white paper was updated and followed months ago: https://chain.fair-coin.org/download/FairCoin2-white-paper-V1.1.pdf We plan to launch the new blockchain which is based in Proof of Cooperation(POC), around the end of september or beginning of october. One of …

10th Bulletin

Maro Bulletins, General Ecosystem

Faircoin 2 Crowdinvestment Campaign Faircoin, much more than money. FairCoop has launched the  Faircoin 2 crowdinvestment campaign. https://coopfunding.net/en/campaigns/faircoin-2-crowdinvestment/ This crowdinvestment campaign has two goals: 1. Fund the pending Faircoin 2 development. FairCoin 2 will be an important blockchain-based innovation to allow the Faircoin blockchain to function, secured with ‘proof of cooperation’, and bring to the world a really functional alternative …

9th Bulletin

Maro Bulletins, General Ecosystem

Fairmarket opens its doors with a beta version It’s here! After a lot of intense work, at last we can open the virtual doors of our long-awaited online FairCoop market. It’s a beta version, with basic features, but that allows you to do the most important thing: to buy and sell products and services. With this new tool we are …

The 8th FairCoop Bulletin

Maro Bulletins, General Ecosystem

FairCoop keeps spreading In recent months FairCoop has had the opportunity to participate in various events in different parts of Europe and we want to tell you how it’s been going. In Spain we took part in several events and festivals: During the week of 2 to 6 September we were present at Fair Imaxinaria in Galicia. During the fair, Faircoins …

7th Bulletin

Maro Bulletins, General Ecosystem

Notes from the First FairCoop General Assembly On the date of the First FairCoop Anniversary, September 17th at 19h CET, around 20 participants gathered from around the world from various FairCoop nodes for the first FairCoop Assembly, which was conducted over Telegram and using this online pad. For any futher detail on any of these points, please have a look …

How do I become a coop-member

Thomas Hahner General Ecosystem

Hi, there is a section on the webpage where its explained that’s possible to become a member. But where can I submit my “data” ? Any help from you out there 😉

6th Bulletin

Tereseta Bulletins, General Ecosystem

FairCoop Summer Camp 2015 This summer FairCoop is holding its first Summer Camp on the island of Crete (Greece) from July 15 to August 15. This camp aims to be a team workspace where we: Focus on developing and improving the various aspects of FairCoop The exchange of experiences, needs, and alternatives among stakeholders in promoting and facilitating the Integral …