Faircoin Tutorial

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To receive, store, and send your faircoins you can use the official faircoin wallet. Here’s how to install it and use it.

Install and run on GNU/LINUX

1. Download compressed folder from https://chain.fair-coin.org/download/faircoin-linux-v1.2.0.tar.bz2 into your /home folder.

2. Install. Open a terminal and type

tar jxf faircoin-linux-v1.2.0.tar.bz2

Your wallet is installed!

3. Check your architecture. Type

uname -m

4. Run. If your architecture is i386 or i686, type


If your architecture is x86_64 type


5. ENCRYPT! –> It is highly recommended to encrypt your wallet to save your coins from unauthorized access. To do so, go to Settings > Encrypt wallet. Enter a passphrase of at least 10 random characters or 8 words.

WARNING If you forget your passphrase YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR COINS. See here for assistance on how to create a secure password: How you can create a secure password you can remember.




Here you can see your balance and recent transactions. At the bottom you will see a progress bar: the wallet will automatically download the whole faircoin blockchain to your computer. When the download is complete, the ‘out of sync’ message will dissapear, and wallet_check will appear on the right bottom corner.

Send coins


* Pay To: Choose a recipient address. You can enter it manually, wallet_paste paste it from clipboard or wallet_paste choose one from your address book (see below).

* Label: Name your transaction so you will remember it in the future.

* Amount: enter the amount to send, and choose FAIR, mFAIR or uFAIR (1 FAIR = 1000 mFAIR = 1000000 uFAIR, so BE CAREFUL).

Once you filled in the three fields, press w_b_send.

Receive coins


1. Choose an existing address, or w_new create a new one. You can label it if you want.

2. w_b_copy Copy it to the clipboard, or w_b_qr generate a QR code, which will be unique for that particular address.

3. Email the address or QR to your customer, tweet it, print posters and cover your entire neighborhood with it… This address is PUBLIC, so don’t worry about anyone seeing it.

You may use a different address for each transaction, or for each type of transactions, or just one for everything. It’s up to you!



Here you can keep track of all your sent or received coins. You may sort transactions by date or type.

Address book

Here you can store addresses (dah!).


You can participate as a faircoin active node anytime by using the software on your computer, waiting for 21 days, and then start minting (POS). Meanwhile, you can participate by mining (POW).

After 21 days, if your coins haven’t been moved from your wallet, you can begin contributing to the network with POS. At that moment your wallet will begin to have a chance of minting.

Wallets with the most faircoins are likely to find a block faster. Another factor affecting the chances of finding blocks is the concept of “age”, which makes minting probability grow each day after day 21, up to day 90.

Notice that once you discover a new transaction block, its minting status is set back to 0 and the process starts over.

To mint your coins, or to check your minting probablility, first go to Overview (see above) and unlock your wallet by pressing the Unlock Wallet button. Note: you need to have your wallet encrypted first (see above). Then go to Minting:

PantallazomintingHappy minting!

Read more about faircoin, minting and Proof-Of-Stake


Please note that it is very important to backup your wallet on a regular basis. You can do this by selecting File > Backup Wallet, then save your wallet backup file in a safe location.

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