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In recent months FairCoop has had the opportunity to participate in various events in different parts of Europe and we want to tell you how it’s been going.
In Spain we took part in several events and festivals:
During the week of 2 to 6 September we were present at Fair Imaxinaria in Galicia. During the fair, Faircoins could be used as a means of payment (payment methods ?), and we also developed a workshop in which people had the opportunity to chat to one of its promoters, Enric Duran, via videoconference. During the workshop, attendees had the opportunity to get to know the project in greater depth which gave a deeper approach and further strengthened the Galician local node, one of the most active in the territory.
We also took part in the Cyberpunk Festival held from 2nd to the 4th of October in the occupied social centre L’Astilla, in Barcelona. There they had the opportunity to gather the working group in a different setting and share information with everyone who came to find out more We presented our new flyers which were made with the aim making it easy to understand FairCoop. The experience resulted in the creation of a new Telegram group, “FairCoop Catalonia” for all who wish to join. It is a means of quick contact to organize and prepare events and activities in Catalonia. 
We were also invited in Madrid by the Faculty of Computer Science at the UCM to participate in the conference of European Researchers’ Night, held from the 23rd to the 25th September in different European universities, a conference intended to bring the diverse developments and investigations that are currently underway in all European universities into the public view. Within this conference we took part in an event focusing on projects being developed within what we call collaborative communities, and entitled “The Revolution of the Collaborative Communities” event. On this day we had the opportunity to present our project to a wide audience and then perform a “wallet party” in order to create a space where a practical view of our applications and of how easy it is to use Faircoin can be shown.
Outside Spain, we have been in Italy, participating in the Effimera Festival in Milán, during the 3rd and 4th of October. This participation is another milestone in our history, as Italy is set as the next country that is developing a local node, so our participation in this Festival gave us the opportunity to begin creating synergies with other participants and projects that allow us to consolidate the node there.
Finally (for now) we can mention our participation in the 4th Festival of Solidary Economy in Athens. After the Summer Camp, held during the summer in Heraklion (Crete), strong ties between members of the local node FairCoop in Greece were created. The result was an agreement on the importance of connecting these initiatives to further strengthen these ties through active participation with other grassroots projects. The 4th Festival for a Solidary and Cooperative Economy, which took place during days 16-18 of October in the Plato Academy, offered space and time to FairCoop to present our philosophy, role and projects to everyone, visitors and initiatives. Also during the festival, the necessary synergy between the alternative currency Festival (FEST) and Faircoin was created, so that visitors could exchange euros and FEST with Faircoin. We also held our already famous “wallet parties” with which the participants were able to familiarize themselves with concepts like digital wallets and coins.
If you want to know where to find your closest local node, take a look at our Network: /groups/?tree
FairCoop keeps spreading from the bottom-left, especially in southern Europe. 😉

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