Fairsaving: Collaborative Saving with FairCoop

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Storing your Faircoins without a wallet is possible thanks to Fairsaving, the saving service of FairCoop. Those who want Farcoins but do not have their own computer or even those that  do have one but don’t want to bother with managing a wallet, can use Fairsaving instead.
This service is an alternative way of saving, beyond the control of states and banks.
It aims to provide a system of ethical savings which in turn contributes to the stability of Faircoin, the reserve of value of the FairCoop ecosystem and Fairfunds. Therefore, the only condition is to save the Faircoins for a minimum period of six months.
The advantages are clear: first, you can have your savings in a safe place and receive new Faircoins as a result of the Faircoin ‘minting process, and on the other your investment helps to develop and strengthen the various initiatives that  will be generated through Fairstarts and Coopshares.
Since it was launched in September 2014, there are a total of 55 individuals and collectives who have put their savings in FairCoop’s Fairsaving  service. At present, Fairsaving has a total of over 400,000 FAIR saved; a substantial amount bearing in mind that we are still in the early stages of building the system.
But the news about Fairsaving does not end here. Currently we are promoting a network of ‘Fairsavers with two clear objectives: first, to help improve the stability of Faircoin buying; prioritising long-term savings over short-term purchases, and on the other hand to encourage  users to participate through making regular savings in Faircoin as we usually do in our daily lives, earmarking a specific amount per month. Thus, Fairsaving has been designed as an ethical alternative for savings keeping our reserves away from the grasping hands of banks and the system avoiding, for example, that they can be frozen or devalued at their whim.
As more Faircoins come into the hands of the Fairsaving movement, the more likely we are to successfully contribute to the goals of FairCoop.
Think Fair and join the Fairsavers movement!
***Just click to be part of Fairsaving! (example:Get your FAIR by Bank Transfer) ***
2. Select the option Get Faircoin with WIRE TRANSFER‘.
3. Select the quantity of FAIR to buy.
4. Click on the GET FAIRCOIN NOW button.
5. Fill in the form (email, name, surname and check the option: FAIRSAVING SERVICE), then confirm the purchase.
6. It will take you to a page with the information necessary to make the transfer and thus proceed with the purchase of your FAIR.
7. At the same time, you will also receive a message to the email account provided with the data for the transfer.
8. Once the transfer is successfully processed, you will receive an email giving you the new Faircoin address associated with your Fairsaving account and the amount of your saved FAIR.

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