Fill the Faircoin Form if you used Mintpal. Before tuesday!

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To all the FairCoin fellows who had or have yet their FairCoins at Mintpal!

We were talking with the Mintpal V1 team about how to redistribute the missing FairCoins, they don’t have access to the Mintpal V2 system, but they have confirmed that Ryan doesn’t control the FairCoins! Mintpal V1 is in control of the missing FairCoins and these are good news!

So we are going to help the Mintpal V1 team by requesting additional information to help to quickly set up a working withdrawal procedure.

lease fill in the form below to prepare a possible manual withdrawal. It is important to provide as accurate information as possible so we can correctly match it to your balance.

This form will be available only until Tuesday, October 28th at 23:00 GMT.

Yours Enric Duran and Thomas König

Faircoin Dev team


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