First Freedom Coop distribution to Local Nodes

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A growing network of local nodes is being born. These nodes are developing the capacity to bring cooperative ecosystem tools to the real world, and to make it easier for everyone to have a place to go to ask questions, join us and ultimately fulfill their needs with the mutual aid afforded by a strong and stable movement.

The work of the local nodes plays an especially crucial role for the future of the global community, and for the empowerment of the whole movement whilst allowing us to be decentralised and to work at a human scale.

Therefore we decided to redistribute fees from Freedom Coop to the local nodes to reinforce their political sovereignty with resources that allow an economic sovereignty to develop. Local nodes provide a place where people can find out about all the tools we have been creating, meet other participants, exchange currency between Faircoin and other currencies, make decisions and work together, join projects, create new collectives and communities and forge synergies with other local people to learn, teach and use the new tools the global community is developing together.

Since the beginning of Freedom Coop there has been a consensus that we would distribute 60% of the income from our quarterly fees to the active Faircoop local nodes, in order to help them cover initial expenses. So as decided, the first distribution went to a total of 11 active local nodes, which have been active and running since 2016.

From the confirmed 60%:

-The first 20% went to all of them
-The second 20% was calculated by the income of the members in each country and divided between the local nodes of that country
-The third 20% was distributed to 8 local nodes that have been considered as the most active during this period.

The distribution can be verified in the blockchain web interface:

In total this first distribution includes 31572 faircoins.

These quarterly distributions will help local nodes achieve some goals they have, such as: covering the costs of printing stickers, leaflets, travel or administrative costs required in running the node, allowing local node participants to dedicate their time towards the node, rather than facing the need to gain income outside of the node, or whatever the assembly of each local node decides.

What we need everybody to do is keep increasing the number of active local nodes. Local nodes are crucial to establishing the use of Faircoin and to enable an autonomous and locally-run presence of FairCoop and Freedom Coop in your area. Thus, we encourage you to meet, join and create a local node, wherever there is none yet. Help each other to learn about the project and about how to use tools such as Freedom Coop, Faircoin and Fairpay and to make the movement grow. This way we can convert the current economic model into the new one we all want, and make a real difference.

More info about how to create a local node: /docs/how-to-create-local-nodes/

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