Notes from the 3rd Global Open Assembly.

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As on each penultimate Thursday of the month, last November 19 the third open FairCoop assembly was held, showing a greater attendance than previously, and in this post we are publishing a summary of the most important issues discussed there.
We started with the most important project currently underway within FairCoop: the FairMarket. At the meeting we discussed the various things, both organizational and budgetary, needed for its completion. It was agreed to hold a hackathon in which all those who want to contribute to this project can do so in a collaborative environment, to be held from 19th to 22nd December in Catalonia. Those interested can contact Ale Canque through our Network: /fairnetwork/
Also we discussed the new Fairnetwork geolocalization tool; with it we can know at a glance where the participants are located in the Network and thus facilitate the connection of all people involved in FairCoop, making interaction easier. Fundamentally FairCoop is a cooperative global tool developing through the internet, so its key objective is, as much as possible, to facilitate communication between all members and to create strategies for participation and involvement of both current and future members. For this reason we are holding the first meeting of the communications working group, to be held next December 10 from 18:00 CET in the Telegram group. Whoever wants to can join by contacting Maro Horta or through the FairNetwork here: /members/marohf/activity/28001/.
Another important point of the meeting was the decision to promote local nodes through funding them via fees that come when is used to buy Faircoin. As you know, at the moment it is possible to buy Faircoin through with a small fee of 1% attached which goes towards sustaining the infrastructure of FairCoop, so that percentage will be used to provide a boost in funds for local nodes’ activities.
The next important points discussed at the meeting were those relating to the Global South Fund and the proposed creation of a Fund for Refugees. With respect to the Global South Fund, people are beginning to present projects so we decided to start setting up some meetings to discuss how to organize and promote this fund which currently is in an embryonic state. Regarding the Refugee Fund, it was agreed to create a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of 500,000 FAIR with the aim of helping those local projects directed at helping refugees and dealing with one of the biggest humanitarian crises we are currently facing, particularly in Europe. So it was decided that a crowdfunding campaign could raise the necessary funds, along with considering the creation of a specific assembly to manage this fund.
The final proposal was the creation of a ‘Freedom Coop’; a cooperative aimed at the creation of legal tools to support economic disobedience by integral cooperatives.
These were the most important points raised in the assembly but not all of them; if you want to see in more detail what was discussed you can do so here: /docs/3th-faircoop-assembly/
We also remind you that the next open General Assembly is on December 17th at 19.00 CET in the Telegram assembly group.

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