One year comes to an end and a new one is here… 2017 is going to be great!

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2016 is coming to an end. This year has been a year of many changes; while the economical, political, social and enviromental situation is undoubtedly getting worse, FairCoop has had an intense year of work developing the tools for a new economic system, and growing the interconnections between FairCoop and many projects internationally; all working to create a new world in which we all have a place. In this way we welcome all people and projects who are helping to make the ecosystem bigger and stronger, sharing a common vision: to build a new and fair economic system from below. A decentralized system where people can take the decisions that affect their own lives.

For this decentralized ecosystem to exist, it is a must to extend a network of FairCoop local nodes around the world. As the FairCoop ecosystem grows, more local nodes are being created, and more capacity to support each other is being created. The campaign for funding local nodes is an important example.

As you probably know, in these last days of 2016 we are in full campaign mode to launch Fairpay

Fairpay will be a payment card for use in physical stores. An alternative to Visa, Mastercard, but without fees. Using the latest NFC ‘contactless’ technologies that the most innovative companies are implementing: because cooperativism is not at odds with innovation.

A tool to extend the networks of social and solidarity economy to everyone, all over the world.

The user experience will be as easy as using a conventional system. The card will be loaded with Faircoin, but neither the buyer nor the seller will notice, so simple will the experience be. So you have no excuse not to give it a try! It will even be easy for the vendor to change their Faircoins to Euros if necessary. As easy as using a bank account and much cheaper than with corporations.

It is a key step towards extending the new banking system of the people in 2017. We are launching it with this campaign, right now!

With the Fairpay card, we invite you to make a commitment to fair consumption for 2017, charging your card with an amount that symbolizes the commitment that you want to assume and thus contributing to the launch of Fairpay in February 2017. From there, you can suggest that your trusted stores accept Fairpay and you can use it where you live.

If you’re thinking of a seasonal gift, you can also buy the Fairpay card as a gift for your loved ones. In this case you can show them an image that will be sent to you by email.

For the beginning of 2017, the next milestone that we are waiting for with great expectancy is the launch of Faircoin 2, the innovative blockchain project with Proof of Cooperation, developed during 2016 by our core dev Thomas König, and which is now in a testing process. It has been more time than expected in development for a good reason: the incorporation of Schnoor signatures, which will ensure that the efficiency of the blockchain is compatible if the system scales to a large number of people. To prepare for that we have already renewed the website by introducing a technical blog to explain the details about this important Proof of Cooperation (POC) blockchain innovation that Faircoin is bringing to the world.

The launch of an important upgrade to Fairmarket, with shipping, and especially with collective orders – which is the feature that we are already using for Fairpay – can further help the FairCoop online marketplace to scale this next year. We also went into it in more detail in the last post. ( /fairmarket-gets-an-important-upgrade-including-shipping-and-the-collective-purchases-module/ )

The ongoing development of FreedomCoop, with its invoicing service, the Open Collaborative Platform (OCP), the alternative banking services, the upcoming phone services, and the different developments with the professionals’ cooperatives are completing this whole alternative economic system that we are building.

And much more – that will surely make 2017 an important year for developing a cooperative ecosystem worldwide.

Next year is going to be full of important milestones, making the transition easier and faster, and empowering ourselves to do it.

Happy 2017!

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