Os membros do primeiro Conselho

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We think of our inception as humans. Hundreds of years of research have showed us that for one of us to have the chance to step on the planet it is necessary that at least two cells join. These cells are no more special than the others, it’s a community of millions, and within the community, many will be lost between the sheets… However, sometimes the right circumstances arise for these very different, yet complementary cells to get together and become one, a human being… and the beauty of our life is to see how you actually are a billion cells. From two to one and from one to billions who self-organize with the information they carry within their very existence in order to create the complexity that is a human being like you.

Although we do not remember, we once organized in a peer-to-peer way, and that allowed us to be here today. Thus, we propose to do it again. We will now introduce the people who are booting the process as part of one of the councils, through their experience and life story. Your first mission will be to find other peers to develop together and form and organize the different councils.

Ecosystemic Council


Commons Council

commons tree

Technological Infrastucture Council

tree tech

Global South Council

gs tree

As you can see, there are many positions to fill and conform the councils, and you too can be part of it.

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