Summary of the 6th Open Global Assembly of FairCoop

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As on every third Thursday of each month, on February 18 the sixth open global assembly FairCoop took place, and as each month we publish a summary of what was discussed and decided on it, highlighting the increasingly high participation, which is a clear sign that we are going in the right direction and more and more people are joining proactively.

The topics covered on this occasion were:

1. Summary of communication campaigns.
We talked about the Twitter storm campaign to promote and spread the Crowdfunding campaign we have open to create a fund for Refugees. We also talked about the progress made regarding the criteria for the creation and management of a fund by local nodes, with the creation of a document that sets out the general idea of the criteria to be applied, and the call to all nodes to join the debate and share experiences that can help improve the implementation of this plan.

2. Refugee Fund.
We talked about how the campaign is going, how many Faircoin and Euros have been collected until today and the balance that both currencies have to have, leaving the Euro only as a reserve, since the intent and purpose of this fund is its use in starting productive projects, for which Faircoin is the common currency, and the need to start developing criteria for distribution, not so much for specific projects, but for the way in which to manage them once they are started.

3. Launch of the pre-beta version of FairMarket.
The proposal is related to the release for testing prior to the official launch of the Beta version of FairMarket in order to check the market and debug any errors.

4. Payment cards based on NFC technology.
We are in contact with Area Activa, a Valencian company that is focused on this kind of development; we need an experienced developer to help with carrying out this idea.

5. Situation of Freedom coop
This point has been left for a later time because there is still no significant development.

6. Situation of Faircoin 2.0.
Like the previous point, this question of Faircoin 2 is postponed until the working document has been developed in greater detail and the guidelines to follow from now on have been agreed.

7. Information point on a new technology group.
It was agreed to create a new group of developers in Telegram where everyone can stay in touch and share developments and work.

8. Presence of FairCoop in NADA Festival.
Fundo proposed to support the dissemination of this event which will discuss FairCoop with the aim of expanding FairCoop in Portugal and integrate the local node.

The full minutes of the meeting are available on our Fairnetwork: /docs/minute-of-the-6th-faircoop-open-assembly/

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