Summary of the 9th Open Global Assembly of FairCoop

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As on every third Thursday of each month, the general assembly of FairCoop took place on 19th May 2016.

The following matters were discussed:

1. Update of the collective investment campaign for the development of Faircoin 2
A forum thread has been created in Fairnetwork to consider the campaign and the development process in more detail. Also a Telegram group for sharing news about progress in development. The software is already available on Github for distribution, and to start designing the logo. Within a few weeks the updated white paper for Faircoin 2 will be completed and ready to be published and shared in the hacker community and elsewhere.

Another of the issues discussed was the money collected and how this is being distributed – for the purchase of more Faircoin via Bittrex, and also to cover the expenses of FairCoop. It was stated that FairCoop needs to collect sufficient to cover its requirements for the two aims of the campaign – purchasing Faircoins, and meeting FairCoop’s expenses.

It is important to communicate clearly what the campaign is about so that people who are interested in getting more involved in the project can find answers to the questions or doubts they may have about the idea. In order to achieve success, we also need members of FairCoop, and other people who are sympathetic towards it, to help to publicise the campaign using their own contacts and networks. It was suggested that we should create graphics and images that better illustrate that the campaign is offering Faircoins at half price – and show how Faircoin can be used within a sustainable circular economy.
More info about the campaign:
Read the white paper about Faircoin 2:

2. Proposal to use IntegralCES to administer exchange points
IntegralCES is a tool used by CIC and many other EcoNetworks and Integral Cooperatives (the worldwide CES system) to manage social or local currency systems and mutual credit systems. A proposal has been made to adapt this to each local node and allow the Exchange Offices to use it as a tool to exchange Faircoin for local social currencies and national (“fiat”) currencies.

The proposal is to create two international networks for these Exchange Offices:

– One called SCUR (Social currencies) for managing local currencies which are in circulation in the area covered by each node.

– The other called FIAT for managing cash Euros in each office.

The aim is to make it possible for communities and economies around the world to interconnect using the GetFaircoin “Points of Exchange” (POE) and to expand them into Exchange Offices which accept local social currencies as well as Faircoin and euros. This should offer clear conditions to guarantee trust in the system and to encourage the sorts of economic exchange which we would like to see.

More information on this project is at: /docs/the-integralces-management-by-the-local-faircoop-exchange-offices/

3. Summary of our participation in OuiShare Fest and new collaborative tools.
Maro and Mario participated in this edition of Ouishare fest in Paris, which was intense and interesting. It was focused on Blockchain, and interesting projects were presented in relation to this technology, such as Backfeed, a project developed by Primavera de Filippi, which is a social operating system for decentralized organizations.

Another theme of this edition has been decentralized organizational models, and the tools that are being developed around them, such as Loomio, which could be included in the list of tools available for the FairCoop team to analyse.

On the other hand the two visitors to ouisharefest pointed us toward various ideas on how to further involve the people who are currently showing an interest in the project. They proposed a survey to find out the weaknesses FairCoop has which might be stopping them engaging more actively; perhaps it would help to know a little more about their interests and skills. Given the complexity and quantity of information on this project, FairCoop also needs to communicate to these people what contributions the project needs to move ahead, so that people can engage more easily..

This is the summary of the points, but you can see the full minutes of the meeting here: /docs/minutes-of-the-9th-faircoop-open-assembly/

The next open assembly will be the third Thursday of June, the 16th, from 7pm CET in the Telegram group.

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