The donations campaign continues!

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Is there a better way to get started in the world of cryptocurrencies than receiving a donation?
As part of the fundraising campaign promoted by FairCoop, more than thirty non-profit organizations have already received a donation of 1000 Faircoins to be in line with the principles and values of FairCoop and integrate our cryptocurrency as a tool for donations.
The objectives and origins of these organizations are varied. Some of them are dedicated to the defense and promotion of free knowledge as the Free Knowledge Institute (FKI), the Networked Labour University and the P2P Foundation having in common to pursuing the free exchange of knowledge in all areas of society, promoting its freedom of use , modification, copying and distribution. Similar is the case of Imaxinaria, a Galician cooperative that promotes free culture and open knowledge.
Other organizations are dedicated to supporting and spreading the good use of technologies looking for responsible and reflexive appropriation in the various sectors of society (such as Fundación Karisma) as well as the use and development of free software like Sugar Labs Perú that has been involved in the development of free software for primary education. At the educational level, Valleybound (Germany), a garden and farm school for adults and children and “l’Albada Association” (Catalonia) try to leave their fingerprint in the educational field.
We also find organizations linked to art and culture such as collaborative creative platform Platohedro (Colombia) dedicated to artistic experimentation, ongoing research of free culture and the pursuit of the common good through training and creative process open to all .
So far, we have mentioned a few of the organizations involved (you can view the complete list: All have something in common from their particular field, they are working to build a fairer world. And this is just why FairCoop seeks through its donation campaign to support and promote these initiatives.! There are still nearly 70 donations of 1000 Faircoins available so you are still in time to participate!


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