FairCoop donates 100.000 Faircoins!

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FairCoop will donate 1000 Faircoins to the first 100 collectives that accept donations in Faircoin, and which are in tune with FairCoop’s principles and values.

With the goal of publicizing Faircoin as a tool for making and receiving donations, FairCoop launches its first donations campaign. The first 100 nonprofit groups that include Faircoin as a means of receiving donations and make the facility known through their blogs, websites and social networks, will receive 1000 Faircoins.

Through our operating platforms – GetFaircoin.net that operates worldwide and Fairtoearth.com available in several countries, Faircoin is becoming a simple fully functional tool for donations. There are multiple benefits of using a cryptocurrency like Faircoin, including the absence of taxes, and the rapidity and ease of sending money. In a growing number of countries it is also easy to convert Faircoin to cash without the need for a bank account, and price stability of the currency is achieved through GetFaircoin.net, minimizing speculation. Also, using Faircoin over other cryptocurrencies is much more advantageous as the social and ethical values – promoted by FairCoop – are shared by many nonprofit groups.

Those nonprofit groups that are aligned with FairCoop principles and are interested in this donation of 1000 Faircoins should follow a simple registration process to receive the grant:

1. Download and install the Faircoin wallet, following the instructions at https://getfaircoin.net/tutorial/ or, download the Android wallet from https://fair.to/androidwallet.

2. After installation, they will have an address through which donations may be accepted. This address can be published in any suitable place in the web or blog site for donations (such as a tab that reads ‘donations’).

[Those groups who can not for whatever reason make use of the Faircoin wallet, but want to have an address where they can receive donations – can write to fairsaving@getfaircoin.net requesting to open a fairsaving address (/es/fairsaving-2) where Faircoins can be received.]

3. Download donation buttons for use on your website in different languages from:

We provide this widget that will facilitate the donation process that you can embed on your website by copying and pasting a simple code.

4. Publicise the fact that you accept donations in Faircoin through the hashtag #Faircoin on Twitter, and/or on Facebook, and/or on your organisation’s website/blog. In the latter case, you must send FairCoop (coop@fair.coop) a link to the page where you state that your organisation accepts donations in Faircoin.

5. Within a week, through an open and participatory process, it will be evaluated whether your organization is aligned to the principles of FairCoop; if so, and assuming you are one of the first 100 organisations to take up the opportunity, the donation of 1000 Faircoin will be made directly to your Faircoin wallet address.

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