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As you may have realised, FairCoop is a global cooperative that goes far beyond states, nations or central control. We organize ourselves through the internet and this FairNetwork where you now find yourself.
At first you may be a little disorientated, it happens when we try to be global… Nonetheless, we are all cooperating to make it easier to find our way. To start with, here are some tips:
1. Take a map: Guide to FairNetwork
2. Visit different communities to help you out with doubts or problems:
Ask us anything
Welcome and Welcome collectives
3. In order to join the forum discussions take in account that first you should register to the group where you want to participate. The place for doing group registrations is this one: /groups/?tree
4. Join us on Telegram where we have many active groups: Telegramgroups There also will happen the next online assemblies. Look here on the calendar: Next Faircoop Assemblies and participate!
5.If you’d rather just hang around and see what you find you can start from this page and find all that’s new in FairCoop!
May the force of cooperation be your guide 🙂

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