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 28a0aee747b370560898621048362308  Become involved in the FAIRCOOP ecosystem

FairCoop is a cooperative space open to the world that uses internet as a meeting point for sharing, discussing, making decisions and growing together towards a fair world.
You can join the cooperative through the fair.coop social network which is open to everyone and allows you to take part in forums, groups and teams…  
Mainly, the differents ways to partipate are:


Fair.coop’s social network is Faircoop’s main participation forum since it’s a place where we can share, meet, discuss, build, all FairCoop users and members worldwide.

Our vision as FairCoop promoters is that this social network can become a commons given the quality of its content and the boiling of projects related to practices and concepts like open cooperativism, integral revolution  equitable cooperation, self-management, community empowerment, digital commons and many more. If you want to be part of it, here’s how to start.

How to start:

  1. Create and polish your profile to facilitate other people to meet you. Feel free to share, or not, information from your real life.
  2. Explore already existing groups, their contents and updates. Get to know the Fair Network from inside.
  3. Participate in groups and discussions of your interest. Together we can turn this network into an important resource for local and global projects to promote social change and also to generate new ideas and proposals that can flourish someday.
  4. If you miss any group and believe you can take responsibility for it, create it. The network admins will help you shape it and make it visible.

Finally, think the Fair Network as a space that must be built among all of us. It was launched September 16th, so we have to be patient at the beginning and gradually turn it into the network we want, day by day.


Participation in faircoop may also be outside the social network at any of the various nodes that will appear in different corners of the world. These nodes will consist in regional centers where work will be done on:

  • Territorial diffusion of fair.coop
  • Seeking liaison and cooperation with the various existing projects and groups
  • There will be connected computer to transmit and share with the whole faircoop community and to support network security as a faircoin node.

Other tasks for the nodes will be defined as the network expands and defines itself. If you want to see which nodes there are you can check the map, and if there are none around, you can create a new node by contacting the node support commission .

Current active local nodes are:

America: nodo_arg  nodo_brasil  nodo_col

Europe: nodo_cat     alemania    bretagne    idf    valencia   north nodo_portugal


Yet another way to participate is through the various working commissions and councils.

Working commissions are open and you can take responsibility for various tasks that help maintain the infrastructure of fair.coop. For example, you can help with translations, web development, or to provide support on different local nodes. These tasks are assumed voluntarily and therefore you decide how involved you want to get. Among the volunteers, the Ecosystem Council may propose and appoint paid positions if the workload requires it.

Councils are formed by 6 to 8 people who are elected democratically by the whole community. Anyone who wants to join the council may submit an application including their reputation (karma) and contributions to the commons.

Council members shall be put to a vote every year and, in case of vacancy an extraordinary voting wil be conducted.

Currently there are 4 councils under formation and more than ten commissions. You can learn more about them here ).


If you have FairCoin, even just one, you can participate by helping to sustain and ensure the security and speed of the cryptocurrency chain blocks. There are several ways to do so:

a) Saving: This is the easiest way and characterizes the POS system Faircoin is based on. Just have a wallet with at least one FairCoin without spending or moving it.

b) Minting: Just keep an open wallet with at least one fixed faircoin (no moving or spending it) for at least 21 days which can be non-consecutive. This way you contribute, on one side to sustain and secure the system, and secondly you are generating new FairCoins to reward your patience.

You can buy faircoin easily at https://getfaircoin.net and also you can receive faircoin for your work or services in order to get faircoins.

In the FairCoin section (link) you can find more details and learn more about cryptocurrencies.


Another way to become a member is by providing financial resources to fairfunds . Through crowdfunding platforms such as coopfunding  you can choose which fund to direct your contribution to, and then follow its evolution and participate in decision-making through the group.

sticker,375x360.u1  TAKE PART IN DECISION MAKING

Fair.coop is an open political space where all registered users can participate in the discussions leading to decisions and all full members can vote on any issue subject to direct democracy. Thus, active political participation is an important way to be part of Fair.Coop.


We know in every corner of the world there are people cooperating and struggling with a system that imposes competitiveness and separates us from each other. Together we can hack the monetary system with the virus of cooperation.

Through cooperation we can also multiply communications.

Follow and retweet us. Like and share us on Facebook. Rate us up on Reddit. With FairCoop you can be active on the network. Be alert for hashtag campaigns promoted from these accounts.

And if you’re also in touch with other people, groups or projects that may be interested in Faircoop, you can send them the link to this website or even, if it comes to people with limited access to internet you can provide them with all the content in a file or print this pdf (coming soon)

project SUBMIT A PROJECT (This option is yet not active)

From FairCoop we say enough to resourcesless projects and to projectless resources.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the principles and objectives of Fair.coop
  2. If you agree and feel your project or resource add to it, join the social network as an individual or collective, you decide.
  3. Find the different groups in the fair.funds and join the one that best fits with your project and you.
  4. Introduce yourself to the community and the fund council.
  5. If you need financing, present your project to the council following each fund’s protocol (currently these councils are still being trained so for now they can take a while to answer).
  6. Find out the different ways you can cooperate with the community. We know knowledge expands when shared, and we will not allow any seeds getting lost underground before even seeing the light.

This post is also available in: Spanish French Chinese (Simplified) German Greek Portuguese

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  1. Axel Hellinger

    Hi guys, I polished my profile here and was ready to share my thoughs on the forum, but I must see, that I didn’t have enough rights for it. Even not enough to write in “ask me anything” or the beginner topics or to contact an admin to help me out.

    Maybe someone can help me? Thanks

  2. magius

    Imho a very important action to do is to create a Faircoop multilingual slides’ presentation. That’s needed to facilitate autonomous spreading of knowledge about Faircoop. So who’s interested in promoting Faircoop can make an accurate presentation worldwide

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