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Fairsaving is the savings service FairCoop provides. Your savings will help to enhance the value of faircoin and therefore of the different Fairfunds managed by FairCoop. Thus, Fairsaving is born as the first ethical savings system completely free from any central bank or nation-state control.fair_fases

In further detail, Fairsaving is the resource fair.coop offers to those members who want to use our infrastructure to keep their faircoins under all the appropriate security measures.

It is recommended for those people without a computer of their own, or for those who don’t feel confident enough with their computer skills to take responsibility for taking care of their Coop wallet.

What Fairsaving specifically offers is a digital multisig wallet for investors and savers on the condition of not being able to touch the faircoins the first 6 months.

Once this lock period is passed, it is possible to use it for any kind of movement or purchase just like any other cryptocurrency wallet.

During the period of deposit, your faircoins will mint like any other faircoin wallet, so your faircoin deposit will grow by a small percentage.

To access the service there are two options

1. you can use the https://www.getfaircoin.net project and choose fairsaving in the checkout.

2. You can make the option 50% donation, 50% fairsaving in https://www.coopfunding.net

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Comments 6

  1. Matthew Holt

    You should make it very easy for people to get fiat into the fund. With it having a six month time lock. I don’t see why you couldn’t support the likes of PayPal and credit/debit card funding. As chargebacks should be negligible if they’re committing for six months or longer.

  2. Matthew Holt

    There should be an easy link on this page to get fiat into the FairSavings fund from as many payment processors as possible. As I said credit card charge backs should be negligible if you know you can only cash out in at least six months time. Many people are greedy and may not want to donate to a development fund as well. While FairCoop and FairCoin in general could benefit from as large a FairSavings fund as possible.

  3. Ben Johansen

    Is it possible to get the faircoins from the funds to ones wallet after the 6 months lock have been opened? If so I cant find it :p

  4. Ivan Garcia

    I believe Faircoin2 doesn’t do minning any more so maybe we should remove
    “During the period of deposit, your faircoins will mint like any other faircoin wallet, so your faircoin deposit will grow by a small percentage.” from the page info and just empathize on the security and the investment-support part of the FairSaving.

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