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There are many things in this world that don’t quite work
and here we share some of those which FairCoop may help transform:

  • Global financial system dominated by a minority ->
  • Decentralized system in the hands of its participants
  • Central banks are global economic policies’ main decision-making centers. Those who control it have dominion over the global financial system without any democratic control, and use it to benefit the interests of a minority.
  • We need to create a new, decentralized economic system: a metasystem to support, feed and connect multiple autonomous systems built in a distributed manner.
  • Economic Inequality ->
  • Fair Economy
  • Less than 10% of the population owns 85% of wealth
  • We have decided to hack the forex market as a tool to start the road towards global economic justice.
  • Economic inequalities keep growing among and within many regions.
  • With the concept of Global south, communities can define themselves and support one another from remote corners of the world to respond to this situation and empower themselves as part of a fair economic system.
  • Neither the UN nor any public policy succeeded in reversing the trend that economic inequalities have to increase year after year.
  • It’s time to put it in the hands of the networked global citizenship what has not been achieved from above, without intermediaries.
  • Unsustainable growth ->
  • Sustainable existence of human beings on the planet
  • Dominant economic models based on perpetual growth are causing and / or being unable to stop destruction by humans of life on the planet.
  • We want to practice a no-growth economic system that is synergistic with natural ecosystems, and so prove that humans have the ability to do it.
  • Energy and production models based on scarce fossil fuels and minerals are unable to maintain their current rates of extraction and consumption for much longer.
  • There are thousands of appropriate technologies to help us coexist in synergy with the planet. We have little time left, and it’s now the time to share what we know and put our best ideas into practice.
  • Central government ->
  • p2p policy
  • Corruption dominates institutional politics while 80% of citizens are suspicious of politicians.
  • We are organizing ourselves from below in a direct, decentralized way and taking advantage of the transparency the Internet allows to visualize other ways of doing politics.
  • Obsolete parliamentary politics grant representation votes every 4 or 5 years between elections, while there’s a growing number of technologies that allow direct participation in politics.
  • Our political model is open and participatory, combining election of counselors with direct voting as many times as necessary.
  • Individualism / competition ->
  • Cooperation and solidarity
  • The competition culture that dominates markets leads to a few companies becoming larger and larger as others disappear, and their knowledge and development is lost.
  • In FairCoop, by enhancing cooperation and solidarity among participants, we turn the market into a space for mutual support where we can all win.
  • Private knowledge / technology ->
  • Commons
  • Intellectual property plays against the advance of the human species, and favors private interests. Knowledge is privatized disregarding the fact that “if I was able to see further it’s because I was standing on the shoulders of giants”.
  • Knowledge is free by nature. We promote the use of open Copyleft or Creative Commons licenses as well as other mechanisms for protecting the Commons from private profiteering, including the Peer Production License and other Commons Based Reciprocity Licenses (or CBRLs). ).

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