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Online multishop for all products and services offered by FairCoop members

What is FairMarket?

FairCoop virtual market is the website where all products and services produced by members of the cooperative can be bought online.

It’s a tool that will display and provide coverage of needs in a market that is trading platform for the different productive projects run by FairCoop members.

Why is the virtual market necessary?

1. To give more visibility to all productive projects of FairCoop within the network.

2. To provide a commercial tool to all those producers who do not yet have an online store.

3. For contacting between projects that may offer products or services used by other projects. For example, a flour producer and a bakery.

4. To provide products and services to non FairCoop members, therefore a way of publicizing FairCoop so that more projects and individuals become more integrated within the cooperative.

5. To promote the use of Faircredit among members

6. To introduce Faircredit to those who are not members

How does it work?

FairCoop virtual market is designed as a multi-store space where each collective and productive projects can create their particular store and different from the rest.

How is it different from other multi-stores in the network?

– You can only exhibit products and services produced and / or served by FairCoop partners.

– The multi-store space can not be understood only as a place of sale but also as a forum for communication between projects in order to share their knowledge, so this space will be linked to your account on the FairNetwork.

Another important operating characteristic of Fairmarket will help create an economy based on demand and not supply, ie facilitate from the self-organization of users demand to be prepared, affecting what is going to produce and fund it as Faircredit will allow. For this FairMarket will include tools to facilitate these cooperative and sustainable relationships.

Who will use it?

Members who have a productive activity or service will be the virtual market shopkeepers.

It is a market open to all. They will have access to shopping, partners FairCoop not FairCoop partners who need to stock any product or service.

Those projects may also wish to offer discounts to other members of FairCoop.

Payment: Faircoin will be the accepted form of payment for all public and FairCredit which will be used only among participants FairCoop allowing mutual credit relations between them.

A small fee of 0.5% will be charged to faircoin shopping in order to contribute to the sustainability of Faircoop and promote the use of faircredit for purchases and services.

FairMarket will be launched in two phases. In the first phase it will only work with Faircoin as it is launched Faircredit also be introduced allowing to generate mutual credit among all participants.



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