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The concept of FairFunding was already under discussion by the development team which implemented faircoin. Their goal was already to finance projects related to faircoin or equitable economy.

Now in FairCoop we not only extend it and provide it with an improved infrastructure, but also will focus especially in strengthening faircoin as a value reserve currency.

Therefore, the priority of this project is to provide sustained funding of Fairfunds  so that the initial amount of each fund can continue to grow gradually.


To do this we will run a permanent fundraising campaign on Coopfunding, a cooperative crowdfunding platform driven by Cooperativa Integral Catalana.

In Coopfunding, when you make a donation you can choose how much you want to give it to which fund.

Coopfunding will transfer the donation to FairCoop Economic Management commission, which will take care of the conversion and transfer it to the chosen FairFund.

You can also transfer faircoins directly into the funds.

Remember also that making a donation is simultaneously one of the ways to become a full member of FairCoop

From FairCoop we also invite other crowdfunding platforms to participate in Fairfunding so that participation can be decentralized and as accessible as possible.

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