3,2,1….FairPay Go!

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This is for those of you who haven’t heard about FairCoop’s most recent FairCoin based payment tool FairPay. In short, it is a revolutionary concept that breaks away from traditional payment card systems and their unfair fees. Today, after the FairPay campaign was successfully launched a few months ago, we can proudly announce that the whole system is now ready to be used by everyone!!!

Thanks to the partnership between FairCoop and Chip Chap, FairPay is totally disconnected from the mainstream banking system as the first full blockchain payment system for physical stores. And this is only a beginning which will lead us, in a near future, to build a full new banking system outside the central banks control.

As part of this collaboration, today we relaunched the www.fairtoearth.com website, to present these new FairPay services. From there you can
– Register a FairPay online account, which includes a fully working online FairCoin wallet.
– Access to your online account (web panel)
– Download the FairPay app
– Find out how to buy a FairPay card, and about the places that accept FairPay.

Once again, Greece has been a great testbed for real world adoption of a FairCoop tool. FairPay was successfully launched there a couple of weeks ago. After promoting and using the cards in a producers market in Heraklion, in parallel with a cooperative economy event in Athens, we can say that FairPay is already working in this country which has been most affected by the EU economic policies. The people from the Heraklion Local Node report their experience of the launch here: https://cooperativas.gr/fairpay-at-autonomous-street-market-of-heraklion# . People were excited about how fast and easy FairPay is for handling payments, without the fees charged by traditional payment systems like Visa and Mastercard.

This new way of using FairCoin to buy and sell products and services at any physical place is another milestone in the FairCoop ecosystem and in the development of a new economic system because it allows everybody to join in a very fast and easy way. As this article is being published, the first batches of FairPay cards have already been sent to different parts of Europe and South America. Our local nodes are ready for activating more cards and FairPay is spreading to all the shops that have already been accepting FairCoin and beyond. To check where these shops are located, visit our daily growing directory in https://use.fair-coin.org/ , and learn how to cover part of your needs using FairCoin.

FairPay cards can be acquired in two ways: either by going to your nearest local node or at the FairMarket page. In both cases they are free of charge, but the difference lies in the amount of precharge. At a local node, the minimum amount is 20€; and for those who acquire the FairPay card at our FairMarket page, the minimum precharge will be 50€. Cards can be recharged easily through getfaircoin.net and through the exchange offices at the local nodes.

To activate the cards, users can use the precharged cards straight away, as trusted vendors can activate the card just before purchasing products or services. Cards can also be activated at the exchange offices in the local nodes.


If you are a merchant who wants to start accepting FairPay, you can
– Create an online account at https://fairpay.fairtoearth.com
– Download the FairPay app to accept FairCoin mobile payments
– Accept FairPay card payments if your mobile device supports NFC.
– Register in https://use.fair-coin.org and join the directory of places that accept FairCoin and FairPay.
– Convert FairCoin to € or other official currencies if you need it, via the FairPay app’s Point Of Sale(POS) system.

If you need more info, contact your nearest local node or email fairpay@fair.coop. With the easy to use FairPay system, transactions are made instantly and without any fees. Shops can also convert the FairCoins they receive during these transactions and exchange them to euros sent directly to their bank account or in cash, if needed. Conversion to euros has a 1% fee, to cover exchange expenses and incentivize people to keep their funds in FairCoin.

All of this starts a new era, using latest technology that is simple and easy to use, further enabling consumers and producers to choose an alternative to the traditional banking and payment systems, avoiding extra costs. This is the time in which both user and consumer can choose the way they manage their economic relations.

This is a perfect time to join the revolution!! fairtoearth.com

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