Call for nodes wanting to join Faircoin 2.0 launch

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The time for the faircoin 2.0 launch is coming.

The code is ready in github:

The white paper was updated and followed months ago:

We plan to launch the new blockchain which is based in Proof of Cooperation(POC), around the end of september or beginning of october. One of the main characteristics of POC is that running the blockchain will become a task of those nodes which have been proved to be trustworthy and which will join the network to cooperate in the faircoin blockchain security. This process of proof is what we call Certification. And then in this way the nodes become Certified Validation nodes (CVN)

That’s why we need to make this “Call for nodes”, before the launch.

The process for register as a candidate for a CVN faircoin2 node, is ready. You can fill the form here  Our decentralized welcome team composed of people from the FairCoop CVN working group and from the local faircoop nodes, will participate in vetting the requests.

Please do that register before september 25 in order to be included between the CVN that are going to be part of the launch of faircoin 2.  At least 15 CVNs are needed to begin to give the blockchain enough reliability and resilience.

Anyway after this timeline, the process for being a CVN will remain open all the time in order to achieve a broad and resilent network of nodes.

A detailed guide for running a CVN can be found here:

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