Fifth Bulletin (May 2015)

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1. Fairmarket alpha testing version launched the World Fair Trade Day Fairmarket is FairCoop’s online market, where all the products and services offered by members of this cooperative can be found. A key project in the new global economic ecosystem we want to build is being born. It works under the concept of an “open cooperative”; that is to say, everyone …

Fourth Bulletin (April 2015)

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1. FairCoop donate 100.000 Faircoins! FairCoop will donate 1000 Faircoins to the first 100 collectives that accept donations in Faircoin, and which are in tune with FairCoop’s principles and values. With the goal of publicizing Faircoin as a tool for making and receiving donations, FairCoop launches its first donations campaign. The first 100 nonprofit groups that include Faircoin as a …

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Faircoin Tutorial

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To receive, store, and send your faircoins you can use the official faircoin wallet. Here’s how to install it and use it. 1. Download compressed folder from into your /home folder. 2. Install. Open a terminal and type Your wallet is installed! 3. Check your architecture. Type 4. Run. If your architecture is i386 or i686, type If your …

Invitation to present FairCoop at Sorbonne University

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We have invited to present FairCoop at Sorbonne University, within the conference cycle “Solidarités numériques et économie collaborative : Quelle place pour les associations ?” They are very concerned about gender equality, so they need a man and a woman. Better if they speak French. Date: JANUARY 24, 2015 TIme: 9h30 à 12h30 Place: université Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris Anyone interested? …

Welcome to FairNetwork!!

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(click the map to navigate) As you may have realised, FairCoop is a global cooperative that goes far beyond states, nations or central control. We organize ourselves through the internet and this FairNetwork where you now find yourself. At first you may be a little disorientated, it happens when we try to be global… Nonetheless, we are all cooperating to …

Peace Economies vs Capitalism

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this is an in progress work. trying to link it and introduce to Gezi solidarity networks, blockupy, altersummit, agora99, and global square networks. also peace anti war movements, monsanto marches, indigenous movements and immigrants. if we could formulate the idea and call, in a way it expresses clearly the prospect of development of faircoop, and p2p foundation’s global commons transition …