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Coop Wallet is a p2p faircoin wallet based on the daemon (main piece of software) from the official wallet, with a new graphical interface added for ease of use.

This wallet, when installed on your computer allows you to save your faircoins or do whatever you want with them. The new GUI aims at providing interaction with the cooperative, as also incorporates key usability features missing in the official wallet.

It especially features a multisignature security system, ie, even if your coins are in a different wallet, your signature will always be required to carry out your transaction. Likewise, you can assign signatures to your trusted people so that if someone gets your signature, they could do nothing without your friend’s signature.

Other features are:

  • Generation of deterministic addresses
  • Proof of ownership of the membership record
  • Simple and efficient backup copies (FairBag Service)
  • Easy management of personal keys (like gpg)
  • In the future the wallet will be developed to enhance integration to the cryptographic environment, so that reliable interactions can be made from the same wallet.
  • Access to cooperative savings account
  • Cryptographic identity
  • Secure communication channels for the cooperative
  • Special alert tools for coordination
  • Access to other cooperative secure services
  • Also manage Faircredit ( social currency)

The goal for the near future is also for the wallet to work not only on faircoins but on a thin client over an obelisk or electrum server. It will be helpful not having to download the blockchain in order to operate.


With Coop Wallet, faircoin safety depends on you; we also make available a resource called FairBag, a backup encryption system with which you can send the file you need for restoring your wallet if you break your computer or get your file stolen. In case you get an intruder on your computer, or you suspect of one (they could copy it without actually stealing it and try to decrypt it later, in that case you should restore it immediately and change your passwords). You will find a more detailed explanation on the wallet itself.

The Coop Wallet is coming at the beginning of October, stay tuned…

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