ENTROPY FACTORY, the rural incubator of projects behind FairToEarth

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On March 11, a kit for Android, iOS and other web applications was released, enabling Faircoin to become the  cryptocurrency with the second-most ATMs available to transform your Faircoins into cash.

The development of this toolkit, which is an essential step in the evolution of FairCoop, has been made possible by Entropy Factory. This article will talk about this factory of projects that is also poised to become one of the key nodes of the network of incubators that FairStarts intends to build.

Entropy Factory, an emerging technology laboratory located in a rural village in Castellón called “Les Coves de Vinromá” is presented as a “socio-economic system based on revolutionizing the traditional social and economic models through fair trade, access to a life of quality at a low cost and the decentralization of the population.”

And it’s not the first business venture of its founders Vicent us and Lluis Santos, but has been launched after their accumulated experience and success in software development for digital payment systems, skills that now can be applied in an independent way to initiatives such as ChipChap and FairToEarth.

The collaboration with FairCoop is one of the areas of work that Entropy Factory has chosen. They are planning to offer a range of services for those start-ups that share a similar socio-economic vision and want to develop a project. Among these services, they can develop a survival plan to cover the financing of the project, accommodation and food, all in return for cooperation in other projects: a form of barter and collaboration that could help new projects overcome the barriers that often exist between planning and execution.

New projects with advisory services of different kinds are also available: financial, labor, IT and marketing. In particular, their awareness of the rural environment and desire to support the self-management of the population gives them a particular focus on agricultural projects, with the intention of creating a platform for development and negotiating a barter or economic agreement with the owner.

On the other hand, services will also be offered to projects that are already in operation, for example, helping to create a low-cost R & D system in a natural environment that could help offer an original vision to the creative professionals involved; or to take over the publicity campaign for the project, and/or offer a workplace/home.

There is no need to belong to a start-up to approach Entropy Factory.

If you are looking for a plan to reduce your day-to-day expenses, they offer another way to organize your project economically through the use of technological tools that can diminish your overall financial needs.

+ info: https://entropy-factory.com
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