Extensive report about Enric Duran, CIC & FairCoop in VICE Magazine

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What began in 1994 as a project started by young unemployed Canadians with a government grant, today is VICE, a magazine with print distribution in 35 countries and a worldwide digital reach, and  on whose cover we currently find the following article: ‘Be the Bank You Want to See in the World: On the Lam With Bank Robber Enric Duran’.
Nathan Schneider, the author of this lengthy piece of reportage, became the partner-in-hiding of the founder of FairCoop for a whole week. The result of this sojourn, together with an intensive period of research visiting the Catalan Integral Cooperative, related projects and people who have been and are still in contact with him, is this 12 page report, in which, without it becoming a full biography, we learn details of the current and past life of Enric, explaining the evolution of the projects he has founded or promoted, and introducing his latest plans.
“Duran is currently attempting his third great hack. The first was the  “public action” — hacking the financial system to benefit activists. The  second was the CIC and its “fiscal disobedience” — hacking the legal  system to invent a new kind of cooperative. The third is FairCoop — hacking a currency to fund a global financial system. Like the second, the third was born in the underground.”

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