The “Fair Trade Is Not For Sale” coffee campaign is about to become a reality..!

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The Troika added abusive new taxes in Greece on imported coffee (2 euro per kg of unroasted grain coffee and 3 euro per kg of roasted grain coffee), which is about 50% of the actual value, to pay debt to private banks.

In solidarity with this situation, and taking into account that the Zapatista coffee production has now sold out, FairCoop made a call for producers of fair trade coffee. The CCDA  joined the project with their cooperative production of Mayan coffee, ‘Café Justicia’.

This campaign is being dynamized through the Greek and Guatemalan Local Nodes.

It has two main modes of action:

  • Financially support the solidarity fair trade movement in Greece
  • Physically import coffee in a disobedient way, skipping the unfair taxes.

The final goal is to raise awareness about these facts:

  • Banks and governments are making their profit out of common people
  • Through collective orders and alternative distribution methods we can bring fair access to goods and make the circular economy flow in a Fair way.

The production meets ecological, ethical, social and local economy standards.

Raw grain will be processed by cooperatives all over Europe in solidarity with the Greek situation, and there is a warehouse network connected to FairCoop Local Nodes which can store the order.

The distribution is meant to be P2P (person to person), and through cooperative autonomous self-managed transport inside the ecosytem.

“Cafe Justicia is also a philosophy and practice of solidarity trade that builds cooperation between consumers and producers while ensuring that the producers are firmly in the driver’s seat, making the final decisions regarding pricing, distribution and marketing.”

30 tons of coffee from cooperatives in Latin America, with the involvement of FairCoop local nodes of Guatemala and Athens, are being brought to Europe. For this to happen your participation is needed.

“Mayan Campesinos from the CCDA, organizing together to protect their working conditions and the quality of their coffee, produce Café Justicia.  They have worked for generations on the large plantations. They have only achieved their own land since 1998. For these families coffee is their principalsource of income.”

The campaign will be active until September 28. Up to that day we can order 1 Kg for 25 €, of which 50% goes to a fund that will be sent to Greece to support the fair trade campaign, and to bring more coffee to Greece.

After this date we encourage you to help by bringing more fair coffee to Greece when you travel there.

For single or collective orders the prices vary:

1 kg…………13.5 €                             50 kg…………11 €

10 kg…………12.5 €                           100 kg…………10€

The more we participate, the wider this solidarity network will become.

Collective purchases between cooperatives are not only a way of facilitating the circular economy in solidarity communities, but especially a way of visualizing the current status of each other and the possibilities of autonomous cooperation for empowering people and bringing us closer to a fairer world.

FairCoin is the reserve of value chosen for accounting the exchanges. We all control this digital currency in a decentralized way and the decisions related to it are taken in assembly, which ensures it is at the service of the ecosystem. There are no internal taxes nor fees on the exchanges.

At FairCoop we make the most of every possible solution we can for the sake of ecology, the people’s economy, and integral self-management during the process of production, distribution, processing and delivering.

This is just the first example; we would like to see more similar initiatives growing around the world. FairCoop Local Nodes from all continents are here to facilitate this solidarity economy network with cooperatives.

We encourage you to join this campaign in favor of struggling communities which are cooperating for the common good, and to follow FairCoop’s campaigns for a fairer world.

To contribute to buying coffee for the campaign, go to FairMarket.

To contribute to any of the phases of the solidarity campaign process (housing coffee, transport, etc.) you can join the campaign here.

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