FairCoop Launches “Faircoin week” | Jul 24-31

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With the goal of moving towards the creation of an alternative economic and financial system to the current predatory capitalist one, FairCoop launches the first “Faircoin Week” from 24 to July 31, 2015.
During this week shops, cafes, restaurants, fair trade shops, self-employed people, and  cooperatives, etc. around the world will be invited to accept Faircoins  in their transactions and verify firsthand how this fairtrade cryptocurrency can be a very useful tool in their economic exchanges.
The initiative also aims to encourage consumers to use Faircoin, show its real use in businesses, and contribute to their integration within the society we are helping to transform.
We call out to all those individuals and collectives committed to the values that FairCoop promotes to participate in this week of action! 🙂
Taking advantage of the Faircoin Week, we will launch the web portal https://use.fair-coin.org as a reference to facilitate and promote the use of Faircoin as a payment tool.
On this site we will provide useful content on how to participate in the initiative,  and other useful information for those users who want to know where to  go to try Faircoin, what businesses are already using the system, and how and where to spend their digital currencies.
>>As active participants and as local nodes of FairCoop, you can contribute to this Faircoin Week by promoting it among your local contacts; and particularly by finding shops aligned with the Faircoop principles which can participate in the event and adopt this cryptocurrency. We invite you to get involved in this action and start to visualize the network we are forming together!
>> As a shop you can join the Faircoin Week and start to make the new economic system a reality! You help us to promote Faircoin and through use.fair-coin.org we help you to spread your project.
>> As a user, stay tuned to the updates on this website, and if you want you can prepare for the Faircoin Week by:
– Downloading the wallet https://www.fair-coin.org/#wallet
– And buying some Faircoins in https://getfaircoin.net to use them during the Faircoin week.

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