FairCoop is two years old

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Last September 17th was the second anniversary of FairCoop.

A lot has happened since the beginning of this project and we want to celebrate that we are moving forward in order to grow and create a viable alternative which transforms society and improves our lives.

We begin this second year of activity with the opening up of our global meetings -open to all who wish to participate using Telegram as a communication channel- and we continue to create working groups of the different projects that we are implementing. This has given us agility in developing projects, and ease in communication, which is becoming more intense every day and that allows that, every time, we can be more people connected, wherever we are, in a quick and transparent way.

So we started the FairMarket, an online marketplace that is a meeting point for all those multiple related productive projects and for those who need the services and products that we offer. In FairMarket, as an alternative means of exchange to fiat currency, we use Faircoin, a cryptocurrency which is in a continuous process of development in order to facilitate its use and to expand its capabilities with new initiatives -as is the collective purchases project we are launching along with other related collectives-.

We were also aware of the serious problems that refugees are dealing with on their arrival in Europe, and launched a crowdfunding project to support them, which resulted in the creation of the Call Center Refugees 2 Refugees project, a project managed by the refugees themselves, which serves not only to provide information and support to all those who come and need information, but provides help to those abandoned by a European political system that is apparently becoming more racist and unsupportive, and also to give an opportunity for a future to all those refugees managing the call center.

This year we also launched Freedom Coop, a European cooperative society that aims to develope legal tools to serve self-management, self-employment, economic autonomy and financial disobedience, for individuals and groups who struggle to create fairer economic and social relationships.

Last but not least, this year we started the development of Faircoin 2, which will be launched shortly, and which is an important innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies, focusing on cooperation for the first time through the PoC (Proof of Cooperation) mechanism rather than the competition that characterizes the other cryptocurrencies.

FairCoop is a global cooperative, but the viagra en vente.coop/docs/how-to-create-local-nodes/”>nodes, as territorial extensions, are an important factor in bringing to the real world this new economic system that is being created. During this second year, we are also consolidating nodes throughout southern Europe and also promoting the first ones in America, so in this way we are expanding the project and creating global networks that allow us to make this new system a viable reality.

There are many things we have done this year and many left to be done, but we are optimistic and believe we are a little closer to creating another possible world, so we encourage those of you who still are not part of this project to join, because the change will finally be made by u.

Happy second anniversary!

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