FairCoop launch a funding campaign for the local nodes

Maro home post

One of the key concepts within the overall FairCoop ecosystem are its local nodes. It is through these vital cells that we can get moving and putting the our whole vision into real terms. From the beginning, FairCoop has focused on the development of these local nodes and now is the time when we can and must support them in their self-empowerment.

Local nodes acts as decentralized local assemblies of FairCoop, and meeting point between global projects of FairCoop and the various projects developed locally, creating links, synergies, knowledge development and growth of the entire ecosystem we are creating together. Autonomously, they serve as a point to spread, help and welcome people in FairCoop, as well as an exchange point of Faircoin.

In the phase where we are today we are ready to give a boost to the local nodes because we believe it is vital not only to develop the existing ones, but encourage the creation of more nodes worldwide, so we launched a campaign to support local nodes.

With this campaign we want to contribute to the necessary funds to the nodes, and thus to make them a stable local cooperative where participants can carry out tasks that would not be easily achievable without funding, run their own priorities based on the local circumstances and build their own cooperative projects or collaborate with local collectives to empower people on the local and global levels.

The main requirement in order to participate in this campaign is to have an active node (for requirements that must have an active node to participate in the campaign:
/docs/activation-and-sustainibility-of-local-nodes/ ).

We call on all those nodes that are already active to fill the application form for funding (https://titanpad.com/FundingLocalNodesForm ), as well as all those areas where they are working on it to promote the process in order to have an active node and participate in the campaign.
Also the people who are thinking about creating a node can now make the most of this opportunity; they can begin now and apply after two or three months.

Already three local nodes. Catalonia, Jura and Thessaloniki has fill the form and has joined this campaign since beginning of november. Others will follow.

You can check the nodes that are currently active or about to be, here: /docs/local-nodes-list/. If your region is not listed, we encourage you to unite efforts with some other people and put in place a local node.

It is imperative to have a large network of local nodes to extend the change towards an alternative economy and a society that recovers the values of solidarity and cooperation. We are not in a hurry because we know we’ll get away but we are aware that we must move forward without stopping, and with this campaign we take a step closer to this new society that all of us deserve.

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