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‘Fairstarts’: A Network of Incubators for a Collaborative Economy and P2P Production

A project that aims to create a network of incubators to help develop transnational, open and cooperative projects in the collaborative P2P economy.

This strategic initiative will benefit both new and existing FairCoop projects, enabling locally-based self-governing projects to link in to mutual aid and solidarity support from a global network.

We are focusing on those social enterprises which are geared towards producing open commons. FairStarts will help them by providing resources such as technological and legal advice, funding, contacts and strategic partners, networking, and physical resources.

The FairStarts nodes are conceived of as cooperative spaces of teaching and learning where collectives come to learn about the P2P commons, open cooperativism and ethical hacking. They will be dynamic hubs designed to “incubate” and synergise diverse initiatives through mutual support networks, both locally, and – via digital channels – remotely. In essence a networked development agency for Commons enterprise.

If FairCoop aims to build “a new world economic system based on cooperation, ethics, solidarity and justice in our economic relations,” FairStarts will be one of the main tools for an integral and democratic development, directly linked to the first expected initiatives of the monetary system (Faircoin and FairCredit) and the FairMarket exchange.

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