From the provisional ecosystem council to the Open Ecosystem Assembly

Enric Duran home post

For its first anniversary, Faircoop would like to celebrate two things: firstly, all the advances which have been achieved in terms of the development of tools, and secondly, the number of individuals and collectives which have joined the project. 
We are now taking another step in the development of the political process for open participation with the inauguration of a system of open assemblies in the FairCoop ecosystem.
Up until now, this function has been carried out by the provisional ecosystem council, which was created soon after the start of Faircoop. It was formed from people with experience in different social movements and collectives with close affinities to FairCoop’s ideas, and they were put in charge of taking some decisions affecting the general functioning of FairCoop.
Considering its provisional nature, it was decided in August at the Summer Camp (since the aim was to include participants from everywhere), that although there had been an increase in the number of participants in the project, there were still not sufficient numbers for it to make sense creating a more definitive Ecosystem Council – as this process should allow everyone who would like to participate in the creation of the council to do so, and thus empower themselves.
The first Open Assembly will be next Thursday 17th September at 19.00 CET (Madrid-Paris-Rome) in the FairCoop assemblies group created in Telegram instant messenger app. Send us your telephone number so that we can add you to the group and you will be able to participate.

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