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If you want to be part of the Global South council, please send us a brief biography.

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    1. Ale Fernandez

      Sure! Thanks for your interest and I hope you’ve had a look around..

      We’ve been having weekly meetings in Barcelona on tuesday afternoons from 4-5 pm(gmt) as drop-in/fix my computer problem sessions, and then meeting about node activities from 5 onwards and it’d be nice to put mumble – the audio meeting tool to use now that we have a server back up and running.

      Would you like to join us? Some of us are into global south and we could all meet at least, and maybe include it as a point in our meeting.

      Mumble is audio only but you can chat and send pictures or files I think. Last time we met in the “integrarevolucio” room. the server is and there are old instructions for it here: ..but which point to an old host – which is now gone, and replaced by gigantic.

      I’d love to hear your ideas here meanwhile and we can chat about the global south fund or any other aspect of faircoop on the forums.

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