FairCoop meets Raspberry Pi thanks to the new Faircoin wallet v1.5.0

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The Raspberry Pi is a low cost mini computer which was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in order to reach as many users as possible and encourage the teaching of science computing in schools. It was launched in February 2012 and, in a few time, drew the attention of tens of thousands of enthusiastic becoming very popular because of its affordable price (below 40 euros) and the many options it has, easily to implement with little knowledge.

Raspberry Pi are manufactured in a tiny mother board of 85x54mm (a bit bigger than a credit card) based on a Broadcom chip BCM2835 ARM processor with up to 1 GHz speed, GPU VideoCore IV and up to 512 Mbytes of RAM. It has several ports and inputs, two USB, one Ethernet and HDMI output for connecting the minicomputer to other devices, keyboards, mouse and screens. It can be used for many things that a desktop PC does, such as spreadsheets, word processors and games; also plays HD video. Its power consumption is 10 times lower than the a laptop.

rasperrypi_faircoinwalletSince few days ago, the new #Faircoin wallet is available for Raspberry Pi, a good way to link new systems technology that sharing, firstly, the philosophy of free software – Open hardware whose specifications, designs and patterns are public access to the common good – and secondly, more efficient consumption and respectful with the environment.

To download the new #Faircoin v1.5.0. wallet: https://fair-coin.org/#wallet

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