Notes from the 4th FairCoop Open Assembly

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The last assembly of the year was held on December 17th 2015, with a high participation, growing every month. 
We discussed and decided the following points:
1. How FairCoop can help to promote the use of Faircoin at the local and regional level together with local nodes and how local nodes can be proactive inachieving that goal. We have open discussions about it in the network:
– Thoughts on activating local regional markets.
– Project fund for the local solidarity economies
We talked about how to improve the activity of local nodes and there were some ideas and proposals presented for making small funds of Faircoin available to be managed by local nodes, in order to boost the local activity with Faircoin: 
Create a Faircoin discount system and local node fund methodology of the type being developed in Greece; 
Create some materials to help develop the local nodes with an open guide that helps the users and merchants and that could be adapted to any particular region, also to create some games materials like trading floor game from Valeureux,…( see )
We also talked about the funds for distribution in the local nodes, we need to have criteria about what requirements the local nodes need to meet in order to receive the funds and how they should manage them. Some criteria were related to the number of members of the local node (minimum of three) number of merchants that joinFairCoop (by being listed in the directory site),…so each node can present their proposal.
We agree on:

To develop the relevant information materials

Create a proposal with a list of criteria for nodes wishing to receive and manage the funds. 

Also to create the Telegram local nodes group. 

The communication team will make an general call for creating and promoting the local nodes.

And for the next assembly we can make a final agreement to begin distributing funds to be managed by the nodes. 

2.  Common Service of web hosting paid in Faircoin for projects committed to the values of FairCoop.
See the proposal here:
We are talking about the possibility to offer web hosting services to projects that are committed to our values and principles.  The discussion is in the webadmins group.
We agree to
Offer VPS services and then extend the range of services (to include hosting, cloud services etc.)
3. State of Global South Fund.
Wednesday 16th was the 2nd meeting of this working group. They are already taking their first steps. 
This is the first update about this working group and call to action/call of ideas.
There have been two meetings and it has been proposed to schedule a third one.
There is already information about the letter which we would like to send to the Global South contacts, that will be the first task:
A Telegram group has been created
And notes on the meeting can be found here:
4. Revise the documentation on the FairCoop site
Because some of the information is out of date or no longer relevant, it is necessary to revise and update it. We agree that this is a task for the Communication group so it will be discussed in the next assembly of the Communication Group.
5. Update on Fairmarket and Preparations for FairMarket Hackathon.
it’s a networked event so anyone who wishes to participate can do so, you can connect via IRC on freenode or on the Faircoop group we will also post some updates about how to get involved.
None of us are experts and we are all learning together and getting out the manuals and just doing it – but it’s not just programming, also thinking of flows of data andlogic how will people use the systems we are creating. 
In the Hackathon we will talk about design, configuration, documentation, as well as programming with Python and even just understanding the process and what type of servers  we will need for example.
6. Refugee fund and activities to coordinate between different spaces
We talked about Creating a network of health projects for refugees and generally for FairCoop with the help of the Local Nodes.
We agree to

Create a local node in Lesvos that can manage the funds

Create a crowdfunding campaign starting around January 8-10, using our CoopFunding platform.

7. Summary of the Communication assembly
The discussed points were:
We decided to have two meetings at month( the second and the fourth Thursday every month) to coordinate the tasks.
We talked about the necessity of mapping of needed resources (make a post with an open call) and coordinate the work with local nodes, and we decided to use the local node group /groups/local-nodes/ as a place where all the local nodes can share their events or news that they want to be shared in the social networks or any other help they may need.
We also talked about the FairCoop image and to try to bring all the proposals together and put them to a definitive vote in order to be able to have a uniform “style book” for FairCoop designs.
About the means for maintaining contact, we’ll use the communication group of the Fairnetwork /groups/faircoop-community/communication/ and also the Telegram group.
We talked about the campaign to raise funds for refugees and to create a guide that can be useful both for local nodes and merchants to be familiar withFairCoop/Faircoin, a guide for helping the local nodes to help the users and merchants that could be adapted to any particular region, also to create some game materials like trading floor game from Valeureux. (see link at the top of the page).
We are working to decide on the tools we are going to use to help to do all this work, just now we are using Sandstorm and Wekan to organise the work.
In the Communication group you have the complete notes of the assembly. Next assembly will be on January 14th
You can read the complete assembly on the network: /docs/notes-from-the-fourth-faircoop-assembly/
Finally remember that the next (Fifth) FairCoop Open Assembly will be on Thursday January 21st at 19.00 CET in the Telegram group and all those who want tparticipate can do so just by contacting us to add you to the group.


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