>> FairCoop Summer Camp 2015

Tereseta General Ecosystem


The camp aims to be a team workspace where we:
  • Focus on developing and improving the various aspects of FairCoop
  • The exchange of experiences, needs, and alternatives among groups and collectives interested in promoting and facilitating the Integral Revolution.
  • Also to forge synergies and mutual aid relationships with local activist groups on the island. 
  • And of course to strength the FairCoop community: a unique opportunity to socialise, learn, and create this project together – every day it’s getting bigger and stronger.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the following form!!!:

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Other considerations:
Applications closing date is July 7th.
We will confirm requests in order of arrival so participants can go organizing the trip as soon have the confirmation.
The minimum recommended stay for participe in the Summer Camp FairCoop is one week.
FairCoop Summer Camp includes meals and lodging.
Airsea passages are not included.