Summary of the 10th Open Global Assembly of FairCoop

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This past june 26th the 10th Open Global Assembly took place and as always here is the summary of the meeting:

1. Faircoin 2 roadmap until launch
Developers gave updates about the work done and in progress, the consensus system design is mostly done, so Proof of Cooperation is stable from a design perspective.

Work in progress includes wallet redesign (Electrum, windows, MacOS and linux) and then blockchain migration. This also involves the CVN procedure, so during the next few weeks we should start discussing important topics for the new blockchain. Some discussions have already begun in the FairNetwork on the site.

These include:
How to appoint chain administrators
How to certify CVN operators
Technical parameters such as block spacing, number of required signatures for certain tasks/procedures, etc.
Distribution, funding and configuration of smart card equipment.

Another issue we discussed was about Faircoin 2 fees. The current system inherited from Bitcoin does not sound fair; the more you pay the faster your transaction is processed. We propose a general, mandatory fee that meets the market’s needs and is equal for all users of FairCoin, which goes to the CVN who creates the block in a rotatory system. After a very interesting debate we decide to start with a fee of 0.1 FAIR per 1000bytes. This makes about 0.0226 FAIR for a regular transaction.

2. Faircoin2 Crowdinvestment campaign.
We decided to delay the finish of the campaign due to some delays in the publication of the Faircoin 2 White Paper so it was agreed to finish it on July 7th. At the publication date of this post the campaign has now finished.

3. Freedom Coop launch preparation.
There were some more proposals which were debated in the Freedom Coop assembly, but the main update was that the Freedom Coop will be registered in July.

We need to work with the OCP to have it ready for the launch and also on the economic management team and the people who are going to start to be part of it.

We also are working on the website to have it ready for the launch.

4. Internal economics and assignations management.
There is a proposal of one of the members to draft processes at a local node level, to show new cooperative workers how to meet basic needs via combination of rights with responsibilities as members and workers. /docs/proposal-for-faircoop-staff-basic-needs/ For example by adhering to faircoop principles a staff member might use more social currency and need less euros.

There was also a debate about some issues related to the fact that the staff income comes mainly from selling Faircoin, and also what we spend on salaries is competing with what we spend for sustain the Faircoin value and reserves for producers.

Also Ale is going to combine his task in Fairmarket with Freedom Coop and OCP.

5. Participation in the Offgrid Festival in UK in August.
We recevied an invitation to talk at the Offgrid fest next august in Exeter, UK. Ale proposed to go and also meet up with the exeter pound people who just released the Autogestió documentary so he will be in contact with them to talk about budget, as they offer to pay for the travel. and about exeter pound exchanges with faircoin.

Remember you can have access to the full minutes of the assembly here: /docs/minutes-of-the-10th-faircoop-open-assembly/

The next assembly will be July 21st at 19.00 CET in the Telegram assembly group.

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