Faircoop Summer Camps in Jura (Switzerland) 2017. July 30 – September 22

FairCoop General Ecosystem

We are happy to present the Faircoop Summer Camps at the Décentrale on Mont-Soleil, Jura, Switzerland
More info about the place in their site: Decentrale.ch

July 30 – August 13
Introduction to FairCoop ecosystemHow to create a local node in your region.
There are 12 places available for activists who wants to learn about FairCoop ecosystem and extend in their region. Priority for people coming from places where there are no local nodes.
You can see the current local nodes list, here:  https://faircoop.netlify.com/docs/local-nodes-list/
More info about Faircoop here https://www.fair.coop
More info about what is a local node here: https://faircoop.netlify.com/docs/how-to-create-local-nodes/
Registration closed.

August 16 – August 23
Blockchain for women
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are powerful technologies who already are changing the world; in this context their early adopters are getting more economic and political power for shaping how the future will be. Again women are heavily misrepresented amongst these early adopters. This further creates more inequalities, adding to the burden of already present inequalities in the world today amongst genders.
As FairCoop, we want to fight this gender divide in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, both at the technological and economical level. Based in the FairCoin and FairCoop framework, in this summer camp we are going to share as much as we can to facilitate a more gender balanced participation about this topics.
There are 24 places available for female activists who want to learn about blockchain and FairCoin.
Registration closed.

August 23 – September 6
FairCoop ecosystem open cooperative work
Lets reorganize FairCoop and prepare the ecosystem for the challenges of the next period.
The FairCoop ecosystem has been growing during the last year in projects, services, nodes, expansion to many places, and more forms of participation. At the same time, the budget dedicated to global tasks has remained at quite a flat level, creating a big load of work amongst few people,  at the same time, many people who has been ready to contribute, had the limitations of doing it only as volunteers, needing to look outside for having incomes. Meanwhile. in the last months the FairCoin value has been growing a lot, providing more funding capacity to the FairCoop ecosystem. 
We have big challenges coming up, and need to organize ourselves better! Summer is good time for diving deep into an internal reorganization for getting ready for the next period.
There are 24-30 places available for activist higly motivated to participate in the open cooperative work of FairCoop, both at global and local level. It is possible to come for one week or for the whole two weeks.
Activists developing autonomous projects connected to the FairCoop ecosystem are also welcome!
Register yourself right now (last chance, form follows below).

September 7 – September 22
Developing a Model of Glocal Governance
Let’s answer the call to for the Global Challenge with a proposal to a glocal model of governance in the spirit of grassroots local autonomy and global federated cooperation. We will focus during these days in September on collecting various governance best practices such as the Constellation Model, Sociocracy 3.0 and Occupy-Style Open Assemblies and combine them with the results from a series of work sessions on the topic we’ve done this year, including something we called the Mycelium Model of Glocal Governance. By the end of this work camp, we aim to have a finished, presentable proposal for a new governance best practice that can be followed as a model, at any scale, from local initiatives to global movements. A governance culture that embraces autonomy and gives authoritative answers to what we collectively want to consent to doing. Do you feel up to the challenge? You are welcome to take part!
Register yourself before August 28th.

Costs of the summer camp:
Food = 10 Swiss franc / euro, per day, payable in euro, swiss franc or FairCoin.
The organization  (Jura Node, Bern Node and Faircoop) will try to help to cover expenses of the people who can not afford. If you can cover, please make it, so leave the opportunity for others that really need.

Transport, kids, special needs
We will try to help to coordinate transports between people coming by car. Is allowed to come with kids and we will help the parents to coordinate the needs of them.  Do you can comment anything about it or related other special needs in the part of comments.
The venue is located a two minutes walk from public transportation: https://wiki.synergiehub.ch/sbb-cff
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For any of the camps, if other criterias are the same, registrations will be accepted in the order received.


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