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Amir Taaki

amir taaki

(born 6 February 1988)

British-Iranian video game and computer software developer. Taaki is best known as a Bitcoin project developer and for pioneering many open source projects. Forbes listed Taaki in their top 30 entrepreneurs of 2014. In 2009 and 2010, Taaki made his living as a professional poker player. His experience with online gambling attracted him to the Bitcoin project. He founded a UK Bitcoin exchange called “Britcoin”, which was succeeded in 2011 by a new British exchange called Intersango. In April 2011, Taaki and Donald Norman established the Bitcoin Consultancy, a group focused on bitcoin project development. Taaki created the first full reimplementation of the Bitcoin protocol named libbitcoin, worked on the Bitcoin client Electrum and created other command line utilities around Bitcoin and the network commande le viagra.

The Bitcoin standardisation procedure (BIP.) was started by Taaki.

In 2013, Amir Taaki founded the Dark Wallet project as a privacy, scalability and integrity centered Bitcoin Wallet. Dark Wallet is a first step into a series of products that will touch upon tools for markets, governance and organisation. These are tools we need for our own communities, where we aim to create self-managed spaces.


Pablo Martin

Pablo Caedes

(born May 16th 1979)

Free software developer and activist since 2001. Lead developer in several projects: delvj, blender2crystal, lorea, darkwallet, also participated in others like crystalspace, xsser, freej, as well as the Apricot project with the Blender foundation. Squatting around the world for 10 years: Udondo Gaztetxea (leioa), labo-3, labo-4, huerta de las letras, buenavista 4 (madrid), la fibra (mataró), ruysdael (amsterdam). In recent years moved to rural recolonization projects such as Calafou, now looking to promote an open source city to establish mechanisms for long term autonomous zones and the new economy. Participated in some of the early hacklabs in spain: Metabolik, Cielito lindo, Hacklab Nómada, as well as more recently in the Cooperativa Integral Catalana. Funder of lorea collective and develover of social networks like .

Senior developer of Dark Wallet, and coauthor of Dark market proof of concept, now forked to openbazaar.

He is developing the Coop Wallet for Fair.Coop


Thomas König


(born January 18, 1970, Austria)

A passionate software developer since 1985. Started programming in Assembler and C, continued with C++, Java and Python. He designed and implemented many low level projects such as: SCSI device driver, 6502 processor and system emulation and also a recent open source project ‘Free your Bike‘, which removes the speed limit from e-bikes.

In the early 1990s, he studied jazz guitar in Vienna at an American private school. After that, he worked as a guitar teacher for several years. He switched to the IT business when he started working for a company which produces products in the field of power plant test equipment. There he managed all internet-related tasks.

Back in 1995, he implemented a complete TCP/IP stack from scratch for a router application.

In 1996, he started using Linux as his primary operating system and now calls himself a Linux veteran and fanatic, consequently refusing to work with M$ products.

By the time PHP became popular, he had created a full featured web application server with its own web optimized C-like programming language, which has served many webshops and websites well for many years.

Since December 2000, he has been a successful entrepreneur. His IT company is based in western Austria, where he leads a small software development team. The core competence of his company linuxIT (link to is web application design and implementation in Java.

In 2013, he entered the word of crypto currencies, well knowing that these will become a crucial part of the future in our digital life. Though Bitcoin was a huge innovation, the unnecessary waste of lots of energy does not comply with his strong ecological principles and this has led him directly to the first serious, fair and energy saving virtual currency: FairCoin.

He is the core developer of the FairCoin network infrastructure, managing the following projects:

The official FairCoin wallet
FairCoin port of the great libbitcoin programming library
FairCoin port of bitcoinj Java library 
FairCoin port of the bitcoin android wallet 
The FairCoin dns seed 
The official FairCoin forum 
The official FairCoin website 
The official FairCoin block chain explorer 

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  1. Sarah Manski

    I created a website five years ago to help “green” the global supply chain with the goal of increasing cooperative sourcing from each other, up-cycling, answering questions, green e-commerce and closing the supply chain loop. If you could use PosiPair in any way that would make me so happy. I would love to join this council.

    1. Guy

      Hello Sarah and thanks for the message.

      Please start here for all information on how to get involved – if you’re in doubt please ask in the Ask Us Anything or Welcome forums. We will check out your website – it looks very in tune with what we’re doing here so it would be great if you could join us!

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