Third Bulletin February 2015

Tereseta Bulletins, General Ecosystem

1. New FairCoin Wallet this thursday 26 february, mandatory update for everyone.

Important advice for everyone that have a Faircoin Wallet. Read it carefully.

updateThis release contains some major changes to Faircoin. Our aim is to develop Faircoin further and prepare it for broad adoption. With the changes we’ve made to the code base the development of merchant applications, alternative FairCoin wallets and mobile applications now becomes easier and can be implemented faster. The Faircoin Dev team have improved the performance of the FairCoin wallet significantly. The overall speed gain and still maintaining the same high level of block chain security is also a prerequisite to establish a reliable and stable monetary system for Fair.Coop.

For this reason the existing block chain has been converted to make use of the much faster and proven SHA256 hash algorithm. This gives us 2 major advantages:

  1. It is much easier to port existing software that was written for Bitcoin to the Faircoin network.
  2. Much better performance! The scrypt hash algorithm that was used up until now is much slower compared to the SHA256 hash algorithm.

What do you need to do

On Thursday, the 26th of February 2015 at block height 94613 all versions older than v1.5.0 are obsolete and must not be used any more. It is best to avoid using the old wallet the entire day, although it is possible to use it until block 94613 occurred on the network. At around 19:00 – 23:00 UTC the new wallet will be available for download here. After you have downloaded the new release, please follow the guide here, before installing it:

Unused or lost coin recovery:

The new block chain will contain a special block that recovers about 4,000,000 FAIR that were freely distributed at the start of FairCoin back in March 2014 and have never been used since then or are simply lost.

We will use one part of these coins to recover the pending claimed mintpal faircoins (see: and the other part (about 2,000,000 FAIR) will be used as bounties for new developments and as a new and fair redistribution to promote broad involvement in next faircoop events like the fairmarket.

2. FairToEarth

fairtoearthFairToEarth will be launched also next thursday 26 th.

It is a new monetary tool focused on building a new postcapitalist economy. A set of tools to make the connection between Faircoin and cash easier  through different payment bridges worldwide….a step towards the spread Worldwide.

FairToEarth is an initiative from Chip Chap Sl, a private company, developed by Telepay and Entropy Factory. Entropy Factory is an incubator of technologically disruptive projects, from the countryside in Castellon (Valencia) that is supporting Faircoin and the FairCoop ecosystem.

FairToEarth includes Android, IOS & web apps plus a wallet to manage money exchange easily from your devices.

A special focus of FairToEarth is unbanked collectives – without access to bank account or credit card, the excluded, the nobodies.

Initial tools for cashout include the 5000 ATMs in Spain for refunds through the Halcash network, and more than  6000 ATMs in Poland; and an impressive presence in Mexico through 70,000 stores in Mexico where it’s possible to cashin FAIR  and 10,000 ATMs for withdrawals.

More info:


3. new Features

Local nodes can now sell  Faircoin with

The local nodes gateway has been added to the site

To start with we have physical Points of Exchange (POE) at the local nodes of Catalonia and Porto. You are invited to register new a POE of exchange by writing to  To get it set up it you just need someone from the local node who is available on at least a weekly basis to meet in person with people that want to buy Faircoin.

All the Euros received by Getfaircoin (PayPal, bank account or local nodes etc) are being reinvested to buy up Faircoin again. Therefore it’s a circular process:

– We receive Euros, convert them into Bitcoin and send to Bittrex.

– We are buying Faircoin in Bittrex, and we sell this in

Therefore, depending on each area we will need to coordinate how to convert this cash into a digital form in order to make the ‘buying circle’ possible.

In Barcelona, on Friday 13th February, the first three local exchange offices were presented (to access FairCoin without the need of Banks) during an act the Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC) organised in Aurea Social; these 3 Catalan Getfaircoin POEs are: Aurea Social, Roig21 (Barcelona) and Arbucies.

Getfaircoin in 27 currencies!

Since some weeks ago, it is also possible to get Faircoin online in 27 currencies. Now you can see the price of Faircoin there in the world’s most commonly used currencies and so personalize your getfaircoin experience.

4. Be part of deciding the highest priority projects in FairCoop

FairCoop is planning to begin a pre-launch phase of Fairmarket, launching a bounties section to empower different developments and tasks that are important for FairCoop.

A bounty is an amount of money (in our case in Faircoin) that is offered by the community to realize a specific task or project, to the best candidate or team of candidates that applies to do the proposed task.

We are deciding all together which are the highest priority tasks to be developed and what the bounties will be for each task in here:  /groups/faircoop-community/forum/topic/bounties-for-faircoop-developement/

About how to decide on the bounties, The Ecosystemic Council suggests criteria like the following:

‘time needed’, ‘specialisation of task’ or ‘level of priority’ for Faircoop. These proposals will be openly discussed in the Fairnetwork, in order to guide the next steps.

You can be part of it!

5. ‘Return With Freedom’ and the new in-person working group.retunr_with_freedom

Enric Duran has taken some steps forward on his journey of #returnwithfreedom.

In a recent statement he published this:

>In-person group to prepare my return and to activate FairCoop >>
The most concrete and important part of this call is extending the invitation to proactive and motivated people who are available to travel for a period of time. I want to form a team of 6 or 7 people, exceptionally confident and available for in-person cooperation directly with me. We will change locations as necessary, in order to achieve our goals: #returnwithfreedom and #faircoop

After two years, and faced with the significance of the challenge, I feel that in order to launch a campaign with an adequate sense of assurance, we must form a nucleus where we can contribute with steady strength, against all odds and contingencies that may arise.

Only from this pivotal position can we take the necessary steps together and make this happen!

This group will also manage the dynamic extension and future projects of FairCoop, the global cooperative. This challenge requires a high level of pro-active ability to handle the upcoming goals and projects.

Remember the goal: to enable the transition to a new world, reducing economic and social inequalities among human beings as much as possible, and simultaneously contributing to a new global wealth, accessible by all humanity in the form of the commons. Find out more here: https://

See full statement here:

Now this group has been formed and tackling some pending tasks of FairCoop will be possible.

6. Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who answered the FairCoop survey, remember it’s still online and we could do with the feedback!

Overall the feedback was positive although some people felt that the site could be simplified, presenting the main information in a simpler format and separating the more in-depth topics onto different pages. Several people suggested presenting the information in a more visual format, which we are working on; see the ‘FairCoop Structure Chart’ item later on in this bulletin. Making documentary videos was also a popular suggestion.

The website itself seemed to divide opinion with some people saying they liked the design and others saying it looked old-fashioned or in need of improvement. We do have plans to continually improve the site as we go.

On a positive note, everyone who responded seemed to be enthused by the project and hopeful of its potential for meeting its ambitious goals.

7. FairCoop Structure Chart

preziAs you have already noticed FairCoop is constantly growing and hence also its complexity. Therefore, it is time to organize all the different parts of FairCoop and schematically represent their interconnections at a glance. For this we have chosen a presentation format where general information is given. So just click through the Prezi, get an overview in a few minutes and see how FairCoop is structured. Please keep in mind that FairCoop is still in the development phase and other important innovations are continuing to be added; these future developments will also be represented in this Prezi in the future. So from time to time drop by and see how the FairCoop Structure Chart grows and evolves. Until now it is available in two languages:



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